gelatin . metals . hair . clear tubing . gravity . momentum

A gelatin cast of a traditional rope swing is hung 3 meters from the ceiling by a transparent tube filled with solidified gelatin.
The work moves slightly with the natural airflow within the space.
There is a slight aroma of fruity sweetness.


cast gelatin rope swings . clear tubing . light boxes

Cast gelatin swings are suspended over 3 light boxes that pulse slowly from on to off over a period of 3 minutes, alternately exposing and then hiding the contents of each cast.


gelatin . hand warmer . metal sieve . perspex . gravity

A series of 3 circular layers hang from the ceiling.
The top layer is a pierced transparent basin hung at head height containing gelatin, kept at blood temperature.
The second and third layers are positioned at waist and hip height.

Over a period of 3 days the gelatin drips through the form, slowly solidifying into stalactites of jelly that eventually reach the floor.

The work with its potential to move and swing eventually arrests and is held in stasis through process.